The Darcy Challenge: Financially Free by 2018

Ok guys, here we go, BIG BOLD CLAIM!

I am putting it out to the internet land my very own challenge to be financially free by 2018. Eeek.

I pledge that I will do everything and anything I can to allow me to be able to leave my 9-5 job for good by the start of 2018. That’s 8 months to get my shit together. 

The Darcy Challenge (3)

Why am I creating this challenge? The crux of it is I’m terrible at motivating myself to do things. So I am going to use the pressure of the internet, the fact that I have laid this challenge out to all of the #darcybadassbitches, to force me into action.

I’m basically hoping that publishing my progress on this platform will be the continuous motivation I need to final nail this, and finally start living the life I want.

The best news? You can join the challenge too! If you’re goal is to also live a life free of the chains of a traditional job, join me, we can become bad ass bitches together!

It’s a big challenge. I know. What if we fail? Well, let’s rephrase that question.

What if we don’t fail? How amazing would that be? We have to at least try, right?



You will get:

Access to the private Facebook group, where we can all help each other towards beating the challenge.

Monthly motivational email updates from me, including any tips, tricks and advice that I pick up along the way.

The knowledge and satisfaction that you are actively working towards becoming a #darcybadassbitch that lives life by her rules, and her rules only.

Darcy Challenge - sign up


It doesn’t matter how we do it, the main goal is to be able to create enough of an income elsewhere within the next 8 months (so by 2018 if you start with me today) so that we no longer need our 9-5 jobs. So we have the freedom to live and work wherever and whenever we want!

If you want to sign up and join me (please do, I could really use the support!), simply click this link. You will then receive an email confirmation with an invitation to the Facebook group and then it’s PARTY TIME.

Let’s do this!



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